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Aug 30

Sophos Antivirus for email, web and file security is a smart choice for Kerio users

Posted by Troy in sync , R1sync , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Kerio , Iphone , Entourage , Apple Mail

Kerio customers have long been making decisions about which anti-virus solution they choose to run with their Kerio product. Over the time, we've seen a gradual shift towards Sophos and declining preferences for other AV options. This puts us on the path of redesigning our AV offering.

Some numbers first - Just under 60% of our customers now use the built-in Sophos. About 35 percent use no AV at all (which in most cases mean that they use a combination of network perimeter-based, server-based or client-based antivirus solution). Our most popular antivirus plug-in ClamAV has dropped below 2% across the entire install base.

This prompts us to focus on Sophos and drop the existing plug-ins from the existing feature set. Starting this fall, we will begin the process of removing plug-ins for AVG, ESET and ClamAV from Kerio Control and Kerio Connect. Sophos Antivirus protection will be an optional paid component of Kerio Connect, Kerio Control and Kerio Workspace, available for any existing or new license.

While in the future we won't ship anti-virus plug-ins with any of our products, we will, however, release the Kerio AV API to allow anybody to hook up a third-party antivirus solution right into their Kerio product. To make your life easier, we will also open source a reference implementation, based on our current ClamAV plug-in. Both will be available on the Developer Zone.

You will be able to buy Kerio products with or without Sophos anti-virus security service, depending on your preferences. Sophos antivirus service for Kerio only costs $3 per user.

Engineering challenges

If you read this blog regularly, you probably know Kerio has pioneered Alternative IT. The alternative approach is geared toward making technology simple, flexible and accessible. Alternative IT wins out because it just makes sense.

Beyond fitting into the Alternative IT approach, there are several practical reasons for the upcoming change in the anti-virus offering:

  • Our technology partnership with Sophos lets us provide customers with the best possible anti-malware solution for email, web and file security. Our close collaboration with Sophos' engineering team on changes in Sophos DLL, API, etc. is giving us great control over the final implementation.
  • External anti-virus plug-ins sometimes cause a bit of a headache. As APIs change with new versions, Kerio must promptly adjust and test our plug-ins. On occasion it takes a fair amount of time to support the latest version, which leaves customers vulnerable - and that's not acceptable.
  • Installation and configuration is simple with an integrated antivirus. We think customers will sleep better at night knowing Sophos is a "checkbox" turned on.


We will transition to the new model with optional embedded Sophos antivirus protection in two simple steps:

  1. Later this year, we will remove the anti-virus plug-in dialog from the admin interfaces of Kerio Control 7.4 and Kerio Connect 7.5. A fresh new installation is not going to show the existing AV plug-in options dialog. You will see a simple checkbox to enable Sophos. If you currently use AVG, ESET, or ClamAV with one of our products, software upgrade will preserve the UI and you won't see any change just yet.
  2. Next year, we will remove the plug-in code from the products completely. If you upgrade from a version, that has AVG/ESET/ClamAV plug-in configured, you won't see the AV plug-in dialog anymore and your external AV will be disconnected from your Kerio product.

ESET/AVG configurations

Now, there might be a good reason for you to continue using AVG or ESET, especially if you got these products in a packaged deal. Both vendors have gateway anti-virus software products that you can switch to and use them alongside Kerio Control and Kerio Connect.

ESET Mail Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris
ESET Gateway Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

AVG Linux Server Edition
AVG Email Server Edition

Blog Post is a repost from  web Blog by: Dusan Vitek on Aug 2 2012 Kerio Hosting and Sales 

Dec 31

Happy New Year!

Posted by Troy in sync , R1sync , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Kerio , Iphone , Entourage , Apple Mail would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year.

We are not taking any new order until Jan 2 2012, If you need support please click the support link on the top of our website and open a support ticket. Again we thank all of our customers and everyone else in the world a happy and safe New Year and we are looking forward the 2012!


R1Sync Staff

Jul 19

Kerio Connect 7.2.2 runs on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Posted by Troy in sync , R1sync , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Mac , Kerio , Iphone , Ical , I-Phone , GROUPWARE , Entourage , Datebook , Apple Mail , Apple Calinder , Anti Virus , Anti Spam

This is from Kerio web blog @     by Andrew Staples


For Mac users, today is the day. The highly anticipated Mac OS X 10.7 Lion just hit the market and we're sure that many of our Mac-focused customers are excited to deploy it. In fact, we are excited as well.

With Apple Mail boasting attractive new features in Mac OS X Lion, you might be wondering when Kerio Connect will support everything the new OS has to offer. This is a question customers have been asking ever since Steve Jobs announced Lion was on its way. The answer is: we will fully support the new Mac OS X Lion in our next release of Kerio Connect.

Kerio Connect 7.2.2 will be available in just a couple of days. As always, there's good news for end users as well as administrators. For end users, we will provide complete support for Mail, iCal, and Address Book. We're also taking the opportunity to add support for Safari 5.1. Administrators will be glad to hear that Kerio Connect 7.2.2 will run without a hitch on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Workstation as well as Server editions.

Our development team has had its hands on the Golden Master of Lion for several weeks and it's fully tested now. We don’t anticipate there to be any compatibility issues with the final Lion release that will cause a delay. However email, calendaring and contacts are all business critical applications, so it is Kerio’s policy to run rigorous QA tests of its products to ensure they are as reliable as possible when they are released. The final round of compatibility testing is in progress already.

When Kerio Connect 7.2.2 becomes available, we'll update this blog post with tips and best practices for a smooth transition to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
We're all very anxious to take advantage of the new features in Mac OS X Lion, but we ask for your patience while we verify compatibility. The next simple, stable, and secure version of Kerio Connect is coming soon.

May 24

Outlook 2011 for MAC is Arriving on R1Sync servers Wednesday May 25 2011

Posted by Troy in Windows Mobile , Windows , Webmail , sync , Spam filtering , R1sync , Palm , Nokia , Mobile Device , Microsoft Outlook , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Mac , Kerio , Iphone , Ical , I-Phone , Hosted , GROUPWARE , Entourage , Datebook , BlackBerry , Apple Mail , Apple Calinder , Anti Virus , Anti Spam

Today May 24th Kerio Technology release the awaited version 7.2 of Kerio Connect mail server, this update now supports Outlook 2011 for MAC. We have tested the update all day in our private cloud and are ready to start updating our entire Kerio Cloud to the new version on May 25 at 11:59pm.

Here it the info from Kerio blog:

Kerio Connect 7.2 launches with native support for Outlook 2011 for Mac

It's been a long time coming – Kerio Connect 7.2 includes native support for Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac. Mail, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes as well as public folders, categories etc. are all synced with Kerio Connect.

We've spent tremendous amount of engineering time making sure that anybody using Outlook 2011 for Mac with Kerio Connect 7.2 has a good experience. Since configuring Outlook 2011 can be a daunting task for end-users, we've developed an auto-configuration tool (available through Kerio WebMail) which removes any complexity from the initial setup and saves a ton of IT support time.

There are a few limitations to our Outlook 2011 support – in some cases related to glitches in Microsoft Outlook, in other cases related to features that are not supported by Kerio Connect. You can find a complete list of these in the Kerio Knowledge Base at

Now, what else is in Kerio Connect 7.2?

"Exceptions from recurring events" has been the recurring nightmare for many of our large customers. Rapidly growing use of calendar applications for organizing one's personal time, scheduling regular meetings with colleagues, or booking resources has increased the requirements our customers have for their calendaring needs. In 7.2, we're introducing support for exceptions from recurrent events which are synchronized across all calendaring apps supported for use with Kerio Connect.

Windows Phone 7, Motorola Droid and other smartphones will now work with Kerio Connect. We've been early proponents of mobility, push email and wireless synchronization (either through Exchange ActiveSync or through open-standards protocols like CalDAV and CardDAV), so it shouldn't come as a surprise to see us push aggressively in this area. Here's the list of new devices and systems that sync with Kerio Connect:

  • Windows Phone 7
  • iPhone and iPad running iOS 4.3
  • Android 2.2 (Froyo) for all currently supported Android devices
  • Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X
  • Moxier Mail for Android
  • Motorola Motoblur

The complete list of supported smartphones is now quite long, so take a look at the matrix of supported Exchange ActiveSync-compatible phones at or explore our entire mobile email offering at which also includes BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

If you ever needed to append a disclaimer to every email leaving your messaging server, you will like the new HTML footers. Pictures, colors, fonts – they can be used to craft any kind of disclaimer you fancy for your outgoing email.

As always, there's more for everyone:

  • Special Admin Account for access to Kerio Connect Administration
  • New, faster Kerio Outlook Connector with reduced memory footprint
  • Password Change Prevention gives admins the power to ensure password complexity by preventing password changes by end-users
  • Archive Compression can be custom-scheduled by the administrator
  • Deleting users automatically removes their memberships in groups, mailing lists and aliases
  • New, faster Kerio BlackBerry Connector uses less memory and database resources
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 4-6 and openSUSE 11-11.3 are now certified host OS for Kerio Connect
May 26

Public Folder Sync on your Mobile Device with Kerio Connect 7.1.0

Posted by Troy in sync , R1sync , Mobile Device , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Kerio , Iphone , I-Phone , Hosted , Entourage , BlackBerry , Apple Mail

Today May 26 Kerio announced there public beta version 7.1.0 with some surprising new features. The one that caught my eye first was the mobile ActiveSync of public folders, this will be a game changer for Kerio Connect. Next Kerio connector for Blackberry Servers WOW this is going to make many people to happy!

This is the latest info from Kerio website

New in Kerio Connect 7.1

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry

Kerio Connector for BlackBerry allows native over-the-air synchronization of mails, contacts, calendars and tasks between BlackBerry devices and Kerio Connect. Kerio Connector for BlackBerry installs on the same server as BlackBerry Enterprise Server. No aditional BlackBerry client on device is necessary, it features native UI of BlackBerry devices.

Supported: BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 5, BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. All BlackBerry devices supported by BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Sophos Antivirus

The internal antivirus has been changed from McAfee to Sophos.

Support for Outlook 2010

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) supports Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 is not supported for old, online version of KOC.

Public and Shared Folders in Mobile Devices

Public and shared folders can be synchronized into ActiveSync devices (iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc.). The list of folders which will be synchronized can be managed directly from mobile devices on Integration page or from webmail Settings menu.

Standalone Administration Console is being discontinued

Administration Console is not a part of the installation package any more. It is still available as separate package but will be dropped. Please use web administration instead.

See release notes for a comprehensive list of improvements.

Nov 14

Kerio mailserver 7 go public beta and with a new name Kerio Connect 7

Posted by Troy in Windows Mobile , Windows , Webmail , sync , R1sync , Microsoft Exchange Alternative , Mail Server , Kerio , Entourage , Datebook , BlackBerry , Apple Mail


More than email. Introducing Kerio Connect.

When Kerio MailServer first launched, it was centered around email and email security. Today you get a well integrated package with dual antivirus scanning, multi-layer anti-spam, complete archiving, scheduled back-up, and full groupware capabilities.

Most of the innovations you have seen from us in recent years were focused on email-based collaboration, i.e. the introduction of contacts, calendars, notes, and mobility, as shown in our pioneering implementation of push email for smartphones.

Many organizations worldwide chose to build their workflow around Kerio MailServer, which in turn helped their teams become more effective, more productive, and generally better connected.

Now we are entering a new stage, in which we will make Kerio MailServer a great fit for organizations with teams in multiple locations worldwide.

As the product has shifted from being a traditional email server into the area of collaboration, we feel the existing product name no longer accurately represents what the product promises to do. Enter Kerio Connect, previously known as Kerio MailServer.

The new name, Kerio Connect, aims to communicate what users of messaging and collaboration servers often do – they connect with their colleagues, they connect with their business partners, they connect from the road, they connect from home, they connect to develop new ideas, they connect before they meet in person – they simply connect.

This new generation of the Kerio messaging platform is called Kerio Connect 7. It will retain its familiar blue bubble icon with the envelope. You are seeing this new branding within the beta builds, but all versions prior to Connect 7 will remain branded as Kerio MailServer.

As you’ve come to know Kerio, we will continue to give you the freedom to choose the right combination of OS platform, desktop apps, and mobile clients, that will best work for your particular organization.


New in Beta 2

Full web administration
Complete remote management of Kerio Connect from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari

Read the release notes


Supporting Android!

The Android Mobile Me Alternative!


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